Our Parcoursup for international students

The Marco Polo Institute has developed several Parcoursup (higher education paths) for foreign students to facilitate access tohigher education in France..

  • You are an agency, a school or a foreign university
    These courses prepare your students with a view to integrating into a French school or university.
  • You are an international student
    You are already studying at university in your country.
    Our Parcours Sup allow you to complete your curriculum with a French diploma.

We are privileged partners of several colleges and universities in order to ensure rigorous monitoring. .

Accompaniment in French as a foreign language for our parcours Sup

In any case, to enter French higher education, you must hold a diploma or a title which gives access to higher education in the country where you obtained it.

For information, some establishments ask for a French certification.
It must generally be equivalent to the B2 level. This certification is obtained by passing a test or a certificate.

Also, we accompany you to optimize your chances and achieve your objectives with the possibility of following a training program in French as a foreign language..