Our project support


Our project support targets the Chinese market..

Whether you want to develop your activity in China or create actions in France, we are committed to supporting you in this openness to the world.

On August 27, the Prospective and Innovation Foundation chaired by Jean-Pierre Raffarin organized a seminar at Futuroscope devoted to relations with the Chinese world.

Broadly speaking, it emerges that although closed in on itself in these complicated times, the opening will not be long in coming.

IThere will be two great national empires, the United States and China, and Europe must be the third empire, an empire of nations. 

Jean-Pierre Raffarin

Our project support in China

To begin with, our first area of support concerns actions in China.

Because we want to develop synergies between China and France, the Marco Polo Institute makes every effort to develop actions in several territories with a specific engineering at the heart of our project support.

Ms. Jingyi WANG is the representative of the Marco Polo Institute in China. Feel free to contact: contact.marcopolo.institut@gmail.com

Grandes Ecoles

We develop courses aimed at obtaining double degrees between France and China. Our spectrum of intervention is wide and encompasses a number of disciplines.

Primary and secondary schools.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with National Education in order to develop exchange projects so that children and young adults can:

  • improve their oral level of English
  • work in English on sustainable development issues
  • communicate in English with other children and young people around the world
  • learn to sort information and thus develop their critical thinking

- the territory, the school, the young people and the partnership are known at the world level.

Artisan, Trader, VSE / SME, great opportunities await you!

According to recent statistics, 2,100 French companies have a presence in China. These companies provide work for 480,000 employees in China.

Even if Covid has slowed down or suspended a lot of projects, it is still possible to do business in China.

You still have to be patient, diplomatic, without forgetting to be connected to the right networks. It should also be noted that the product, knowledge of the country and its culture are essential for successful implementation. Capital on 02 February 2021

So it is better to be well prepared before tackling this particular market.

Thanks to our expertise and our multiple networks, we guide you through the major trends and economic development opportunities between France and China.

Indeed, acting as a catalyst and relying on specific project development engineering, we support you in developing economic sectors in China.

Our project support in France

Secondly, our support concerns actions in France..

Our expertise in various fields of activity allows us to support you on projects relating to:

  • the Formation
  • soft skills: personal and professional competence
  • the know how to be and the know how to say
  • the customer relationship
  • the development of the territories
  • sustainable impact innovation
  • integration paths in universities or colleges of higher education