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The mission of the Marco Polo Institute is based on 4 pillars:

  • The stays and outdoor activities "à la carte" are there for your enjoyment and allow you to discover in depth our beautiful region.
  • Trainings:
    We have a different approach to training and want everyone to benefit from the best experience possible. Moreover, we offer trainings en anglais. Ces cours sont finançables via le CPF, les OPCO ou des financements personnels. —Plus spécifiquement, nous mettons en place avec des partenaires privés situés hors de France, des parcours spécifiques pour des étudiants chinois des cours de français langue étrangère (FLE) et des formations en hôtellerie restauration. Ces parcours ne sont pas accessibles au public français.
  • Integration paths into higher education:
    Because we want to prepare foreign students and facilitate their access to French universities or "Grandes Écoles" (specialised elite professional schools).
  • Project support: Because we believe in partnerships and synergies for a hopeful future, we support both French and Chinese companies in the development of their activities or projects in both territories.
séjours et formations

Because we want to

Share the wealth of our territories

Highlight all the actors who are taking part in it

Work while having fun

Make your stay and / or your training unforgettable

Develop synergies abroad to make the world a more open and connected place

Take a breath of fresh air with our leisure / educational stays!

We love our region and that is why we offer these stays and outdoor activities.

Nous avons développé un partenariat avec le Vélorail du Morvan in order to create a "vélorail (draisine) + off-road scooter" package.

Because our regions here is France are beautiful and full of gems, we have decided to share them with you. We have also organised various stays whether themed, educational or "à la carte", to one to several days – allowing you to discover them at your own leisure and pace.

Therefore, what more can we say, except that we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Our trainings, in short

At the Marco Polo Institute, we are working on developing innovative educational programs in English to everyone because we believe there is no age to learn!

Dans le cadre de montages spécifiques avec des partenaires privés,

-nous pouvons préparer les étudiants étrangers aux métiers de receptionist in the hospitality sector, to cook , ensuring une immersion dans des entreprises du domaine, car nous sommes convaincus de l’importance de la pratique!

-nous pouvons accompagner students from foreign establishments in learning the French language and culture – French as a Foreign Language. As such, we offer FLE courses for integration into "enseignement supérieur" (higher education) for foreign students wishing to prepare for competitive examinations or to integrate training cycles leading to qualifications or graduations in French higher education.

-nous pouvons accompagner foreign students who wish to directly integrate our partner schools and universities.

Please note: Most of our training courses can be provided remotely for our customers abroad.

Institute Marco Polo internationally

Since its creation, the Marco Polo Institute has been developing several partnerships in order to contribute to a fresh new look on the world.

Marco Polo and China

We are collaborating with several regions of China with the aim of:

  • offering courses that allow students to earn a double degree in the hospitality sector (hotel and restaurant services),
  • developping educational and cultural exchanges between primary schools in both countries,
  • supporting the establishment of educational partnerships between French and Chinese higher education institutions,
  • encouraging the signature of protocols for economic, tourism and educational cooperation between the city of Autun and the two districts of the city of Chengdu.This has already led to the signature of a twinning between the two cities.

Marco Polo and Canada

We have developed with our Canadian partner Young Global Citizens, an activity that brings together children from all over the world around the theme of sustainable development. Thanks to interviews with renowned personalities, the children have a great chance to exchange ideas in English and open up to the world.

Here at the Marco Polo Institute, we guarantee you:

an offer made up of innovative, fun and effective holiday formulas and/or programs.

a quality organisation, precise and adapted to the individual needs.

a permanent and personalised follow-up.

a constant availability of the entire team to support you.

a wonderful experience, always in a good mood!


Any projects?

Whatever your project is, the whole team will be happy to support you in this adventure, whether it be:

  • a stay that you wish to organise,
  • related to an educational program that you are developing,
  • to help your students join a higher education integration program in France,
  • an activity that you wish to develop in China,
  • a cooperation on a project in France.

Last news

Even more offers in July and August 2022 with the Marco Polo Institute!

This year, the Marco Polo Institute is teaming up with the Vélorail du Morvan in order to offer package formulas: -Scooter with supervisor (2h) / -Scooter with supervisor (2H) + meal (local products) / -Scooter with supervisor (2h) + wine tasting (2H) / -Scooter with supervisor (2H) + wine tasting (2H) OR meal (local products) + accommodation in Bed & Breakfast or lodging + vélorail (railbike) + meal... Read more

TOEIC test

We are always seeking new solutions just for you. Thus, we decided to add to our English courses the world-renowned TOEIC certification (Test of English for International Communication). The Marco Polo Institute is now working in partnership with ETS Global (Educational Testing Service) which develops TOEIC certification offers eligible for the "Compte Personnel de Formation" (CPF - Personal Training Account). We provide you with solutions adapted to your needs in our premises in Autun or within your company: Formulas... Read more

Our figures

En 2021:

5 clients ont suivi des cours d’anglais à MP INSTITUT.

80% de nos clients ont passé la certification Cambridge Linguaskill.

En 2022:

10 clients ont suivi des modules de formation en anglais

50% de nos clients ont passé le test TOIEC. 50% vont la passer en 2023

En 2023

11 clients ont suivi des modules de formation en anglais

100% de nos clients ont passé le test TOIEC.

En 2024

6 clients suivent des modules de formation en anglais



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