Dossier spécifique pour nos partenaires privés étrangers: Formation #Réceptionniste 9.0


#9 modules for the professional designation of hotel receptionist 


Let us take you to the world of hospitality.

#Receptionist 9.0

Join the adventure!

Grâce à un outil unique et novateur, notre formation réceptionniste en hôtellerie transportera nos étudiants étrangers dans l’univers international du Réceptionniste en temps réel.

In order to achieve the transition to a new learning universe, our team of enthusiasts has placed people at the heart of learning. We have also imagined an innovative, lively, fun and rewarding training.

Whether you want to develop your skills or seek to acquire the knowledge required to perform this job, this program is made for you!

5 mois pour être efficace

Une durée de 5 mois, afin de rester connecté au monde du travail.

A training leading to a Professional Receptionist Designation

This training is aimed at anyone wishing to become a receptionist as well as any collaborator
wishing to validate their experience with the Professional Receptionist Designation.

A quick immersion

Notre formation s’appuie sur une méthode innovante de simulation en temps réel. En ce sens, vous serez projetés
into the actual environment of the international receptionist job from day one.

A skills accelerator

This training provides personalised support – a real skills accelerator – to
participants – individually and/or in groups of 4 – throughout their courses in order to optimise their
personal development.

English at the heart of the system

Because English is required in this profession, our training emphasises the practice of this language, both oral and in written, from day one.


A flexible teaching

#9 modules for the Professional Designation of Hotel Receptionist

Flexible and efficient

Developed and adapted to the current climate, the training is held through face-to-face or distance learning sessions. In addition, it can be modulated at any moment to adapt to the needs of the group.

Learn how to hold an effective speech

The art of speech.
Thanks to various communication techniques, the learners will complete their training with an 8-minute
speech aiming at convincing a jury during a hiring simulation.

Event management

Realisation of practical case studies in team that will be presented to a Jury in order to optimise teamwork.

Internship in a professional environment

An internship opportunity will be offered to every participant at the end of their training.

Training validation En fin de formation, vous passerez le titre professionnel de réceptionniste. Ce titre est classé niveau V.

Toute les informations sur la certification, les équivalences, les blocs de compétences liés au titre professionnel sont disponibles en cliquant sur le lien suivant: RNCP34157

Date & Duration

avril 2023 : 590 heures à AUTUN