Marco Polo's values

A team of citizens of the world passionate about transmitting knowledge, the art of living and the taste for travel

Our team makes every effort to bring cultures closer together through programmes, stays, innovative courses characterised by an educational and multicultural spirit. The reason for this is that, just like you, we are passionate citizens of the world and "bon vivants"!

The values of Marco Polo are ingrained in each and every one of us.

Moreover, we take great pleasure in highlighting the French way of life and our taste for travel and culture.

The region of Autun and its art of living being part our DNA, we are keen to help perpetuate its renown. In the same way, we wish to make discover its territory, its historical heritage and natural treasures which you will be able to experience.

It is therefore quite natural for us to want to share this wealth and highlight all the actors who contribute to it.

Join the values of Marco Polo
and aspire to






Our DNA at the Marco Polo InstituteValues ​​in our daily life

A new vision of training

More than a company, we claim a new vision of training and remain committed to our responsibility to develop quality certification programmes .

To expand possibilities and introduce innovative trends, our multicultural team is constantly developing new skills and animation techniques.

Because we are rigorous in our approach to training, we are committed to using all possible learning channels to 'optimize your progress.'

The human being at the heart of our activity

We focus on engaging learners as actors of their own actions and potential. That is why we strive to maintain an ecosystem that is favorable to their personal development.

On the other hand, we support them throughout their training courses.

Our stays are "à la carte", adjustable and flexible in order to meet your needs.

A synergy between actors of the region of Autun

Our programmes involve learners, employers, companies and all actors living in Autun and its region.

Nowadays, bringing together cultures and people allows us to have a positive and sustainable view of the workplace.

Furthermore, we promote diversity, as an unlimited source of learning and personal enrichment.

Thanks to our various partnerships, the Marco Polo Institute accompanies, explores and helps you find the best solutions.

Indeed, we believe that every company can improve people's lives.

An entrepreneurial spirit

We make it a point of honour to innovate.

In fact, we step out of our comfort zone every day to be able to respond as effectively as possible to the evolution of our world while ensuring that we meet the expectations of budding learners and our dear tourist friends looking for unique stays.