Hospitality pathway


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Our hospitality pathway consists in courses aimed at obtaining a professional title issued by the Ministry of Labour.

You are an agency, school or establishment abroad?

Our professional hospitality pathways are all certifying and subject to French regulations.

You are a student in this field of activity?

We support you and prepare you for the professional title examination in the chosen field.

The process

Conditions for carrying out professional training

To be able to undergo these training courses, each student must:

  • Hold a certificate, diploma or any other document attesting to the professional course undergone in the field of hospitality in their country of origin.
  • Have validated the A2 level of the Diploma in French Language Studies (DELF).

We offer two certification courses: hotel receptionist and cook

Receptionist training

This training consists of 9 modules. It will allow you to acquire the the social and behavioural skills to become a perfect receptionist. With a guaranteed immersion, this training emphasises both French and English to optimise the student's learning.

At the end of the training, you will obtain the professional title of receptionist (level IV) in hospitality issued by the Ministry of Labour

Cook training

Composed of 8 modules, this training is based on learning gestures and recipes. It prepares you for the Professional Cook Designation. This title is classified as level V and is issued by the Ministry of Labor.

An upgrade in French

Depending on your level when you arrive in France, you can follow a French language upgrade to reach the DELF B1 or B2 level.

Our support

We help you be fully prepared for the professional title you have chosen

Fluency in French is required to obtain this title. As such, we accompany you in your learning of the language. You will also attend upgrade courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). The professional title requires the B1 or B2 level.
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Because we want you to quickly integrate your new “French way of life", our modules also provide courses in our premises to help you gain all the social and expression skills you will need to live here.

Finally, we support you in your organisation regarding:

  • study procedures in France
  • the accommodation search process in France.
  • the French authorities (obtaining a bank account, telephone, etc.)