English for the youngest

formations anglais

Interculturality for a better learning of English

English courses for children or teenagers

At the Marco Polo Institute, we rely on exchange and interculturality to enhance the English level of the youngest. Thus, we offer three innovative and interactive English training devices for children or teenagers.

Interviews with international personalities

We collaborate with Young Global Citizens – the Young Citizens of the World program.This community brings together schools from all over the world around the concept of global citizenship and the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Thus, we enable children, through interviews with personalities, to develop skills in communication, critical and creative analysis, but also and above all, to gain self-confidence and openness to the world.

Nowadays, it is important that children can communicate in English with the whole world. As such, the program highlights these exchanges between young English-speaking students from the city of Vancouver, but also from other countries in the world. We strongly believe that this activity is a good way to raise their awareness and help them build the world of tomorrow.

Echanges Vancouver


The concept is based on interviews with renowned foreign personalities, the list of which you will find by clicking on this link: Young Global Citizens (onfabrik.com)

The preparation at the Marco Polo Institute is organised in such a way as to make children and teenagers practise both their written and spoken English.

The device can be repeated as many times as they wish.

The interest of the method is multiple for our children and our adolescents

  • Improving their level of oral English because all the preparation for the interview is done in English.
  • Work on one of the objectives of sustainable development
  • The communication with other participants around the world.
  • The development of analysis and critical thinking so that they can form their own point of view.
  • The benefit of international recognition.
  • Openness to the world.

We strongly believe that this adventure will allow them to develop and/or preserve their level of English, both written and spoken, and will encourage them to engage in this learning process.

English formation for children or teenagers
Weekly classes

By age or level group

The objectives are:

  • to support children and teenagers in their learning of English, both orally and in writing,
  • to prepare a future summer camp for children and teenagers who so wish.

The courses are held mainly in face-to-face with a trainer.

We recommend 2 hours per week.

Cours d'anglais

Exchanges between Chinese and French classes.

We promote exchanges between both countries and cannot help but notice the positive impact it has on our children.

During these exchanges, children from a French or Chinese school present an activity they like and explain to the partner school how to do it. It is a sweet moment of exchange and sharing that we really want to spread more widely throughout schools.

Thus, we contribute to a positive vision of the world and to a better understanding of what it has to offer.